Donald Trump claims victory even after the facts don’t support him

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It seems as though United States President Donald Trump has not moved away from his reality-television persona. The way he talks and acts seems as though he is saving the world again and again. The latest example is the ongoing saga between U.S. and Mexico. Time and again he has manufactured crises, set deadlines, made threats, pulled back from the brink and claimed victory while keeping the details notoriously vague.

The media is also falling in his traps as well. He razzle-dazzle in front of his support, selling himself as a man of action, keeping the media hypnotized while his government pushes reforms or slashes regulations on the quiet. This is a continuing cycle that is going on since the start of his presidency.

The Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer, has not been fooled as he said in Senate on Monday that it is a pretty simple pattern. He also added by saying, “The president stakes out a maximalist position but never clearly defines his objectives. That way, after he backs himself into a corner, he can use a deal of any kind, even if it’s merely a fig leaf, to justify retreating from whatever misguided policy he’s threatened. Then he declares victory, having done little to nothing to solve the underlying problem.”

Donald Trump had been part of reality-television for so long as he hosted The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice from 2004 to 2015. He has not changed his mind set of gaining public views and ratings. One of the winner of his reality show-The Apprentice was Randal Pinkett. He said that to try to become the center of attention in reality television is Okay but when you are the President, it doesn’t suit you.

He has been using imposing tariffs as his weapon of choice. He has indulged in a trade war with China and is now trying to impose tariffs on Mexico.

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