French publisher apologizes for declaring CIA responsible for 9/11 attack

French publisher apologizes for declaring CIA responsible for 9/11 attack

A French publisher declared the CIA responsible for the planning of the 9/11 attack in a teaching book. According to the report of BBC, a British news agency, a history book came into the book stores of France in recent days. It was written in the book that the CIA might plan the attack happened on September 11, 2001.

According to the report, a group of school teachers raised this matter on social media. A book, “History of Twentieth Century in Flashcards”, was written to teach the undergraduate students. The publisher of the book, Ellipses, apologized on its website by saying that the content should not be included in the textbook.

The publisher issued an apology in the French language and wrote, “The content that was based on unrealistic conspiracy theory must not be included in the textbook.” The publisher added that it was not an opinion of the publisher or author. The publisher also said that the author of the book wanted to erase the words from the textbook.

According to the publisher, the author wants to remove the words from the online version of the book. They also want to erase the words from the books that have not reached the market yet. The author of the book is the teacher of History and Geography. According to the sources, it was declared that the book consisted of the history of France, Europe, and the World in the twentieth century. The author of the book is graduated from the Science Po University.

The book came into the market in November 2019 but it was only purchased by the daughter of a school teacher who identified this matter. The authors wrote about the 9/11 attack that happened in Washington on page number 204 of the book. It was written in the book that the planning of the 9/11 attack was conducted by the CIA in order to enhance its influence in the Middle East. The matter was first highlighted by the Conspiracy Watch on its website. According to a report, 2997 people were killed in the 9/11 attack.

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