Greater Peoria celebrates Manufacturing Month

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There is so much in Greater Peoria to celebrate in the Manufacturing Month. Greater Peoria is known as the earth-moving capital of the world. It has pride in being called the hometown of Caterpillar. The economy of Greater Peoria has been diversified for the past few decades but manufacturing is the foundational element of the region.

The local economies of Greater Peoria are dependent on the manufacturing industry. Banking, retail, and education economies are dependent on the manufacturing businesses and employees. Healthcare is the largest of Greater Peoria in terms of employment but it is also dependent on the manufacturing businesses. It will not be wrong to say that the manufacturing industry is alive in Greater Peoria.

In the manufacturing industry of Greater Peoria, more than 24000 people work. The manufacturing industry is growing in this region. According to a report, the manufacturing industry of Greater Peoria grew 10.2% as compared to 2017. There are jobs for the potential workers in the field of machining, engineering, and assembling in the manufacturing industry of the area. You can get a job if you have a simple welding certificate or a doctoral degree as the manufacturing industry needs all of you.

There are dozens of companies working in the manufacturing industry of Greater Peoria. Caterpillar is the most dominant company in the region and it has more than 12000 local workers. The big names, like Komatsu and Liberty Steel, are doing the business in the region. The Greater Peoria-based manufacturing companies manufacture the products ranging from the heavy machinery to the canned pumpkins and yogurt lids.

The hard work of the region benefits the rest of the world. Peoria was among the top 50 cities for total exports in 2018, according to the International Trade Office of the US Department of Commerce. Peoria was the number one US exporter of the machinery equipment. The whole economy of Greater Peoria is dependent on the manufacturing industry.

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