Illinois woman receives postcard sent in 1993, tracks down sender

Illinois woman receives postcard sent in 1993, tracks down sender

An Illinois woman has tracked down the sender who had sent her a postcard in 1993 which she recently received. The postcard was meant for the children of the woman sent two decades ago. The State Journal-Register had published the story of Kim Draper about the mysterious Hong Kong postcard. The story was also picked up by The Associated Press.

Masrour Kizilbash was working oversees as he sent a postcard to his family. He had told the newspaper that he was “fascinated with the area” and wanted to share the experiences with his family. He had used the postcard route as there were no cell phones or internet. The international calls were also expensive, so sending postcard was the viable option.

The sender’s family was living in Springfield when he sent the postcard. He had always figured that his family had received the postcard. U.S. Postal Service official have said that the postcard might have been stuck in Hong Kong or might’ve been stuck in old equipment. Draper had learned through social media that Kizilbash’s son, Mohammad Kizilbash, now lives in suburban Chicago.

There is a plan to have a reunion with the postcard. Mohammad said that he is grateful to her to help us in tracking them. He said, “I’m looking forward to getting this postcard. This is one to keep.” Draper is hoping that she could appear on a TV show to present the postcard to the Kizilbashes.

If appearing on a TV show is not possible, then she will drive to Chicago and deliver the postcard to them personally. She said that she will not post it as it could get stuck in the mail system. She wants to really meet them. She is also surprised about how the story has spread. She said, “I am surprised about how the story has spread.”

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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