Centers for Disease Control will investigate health hazards in Sauget, Duckworth says

Centers for Disease Control will investigate health hazards in Sauget, Duckworth says

Tammy Duckworth, a US Senator, has received requested by a federal health agency to conduct investigation near a trash incinerator. Trump administration ordered the reduced pollution testing in that area this year, according to the health agency.

Duckworth stated in a news release that the Centers for Disease Control would conduct a preliminary investigation into the health hazards in Sauget, Illinois. The potential health issues have been risen in the area due to the Veolia North America Trade Waste incineration facility, according to Duckworth. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, a premier federal agency, will conduct the tests.

The ATSDR is a federal health agency charged with protecting the communities from potential health threats. The agency had reported the increased cancer risks in Willowbrook due to the pollution caused by the Sterigenics. The Sterigenics facility eventually shut down its business in the area after the huge public pressure. The federal agency will investigate the health risks associated with the Sauget incinerator. It will focus on determining the effects of the incinerator in terms of metal poisoning.

The statement released by Duckworth’s office stated, “the federal agency will conduct a preliminary investigation to help determine if the Sauget incinerator is posing a public health risk specifically related to metal poisoning.” A report was released by the Better Government Association earlier this month. The report revealed that the Trump administration cut off the Environmental Protection Agency’s investigations and staff nationwide.

Duckworth added, “The people of Sauget deserve a full investigation into the potential health concerns.” She ensured that she would go deep into this issue and find the final outcomes. She lifted the issue in October during a Senate hearing. Duckworth will be notified of the results of the tests.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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