India is set to beat China in the race of population: UN Reports

A UN report said, “India is set to overtake China in terms of most populous country of the world in less than a decade”. China has the current roughly population of 1.4 billion while India has approximately 1.3 billion population. Both countries comprise 37% of the entire global population of approximately 7.7 billion.

By 2027, India will get ahead of the China in terms of population, according to the 2019 World Population Prospect report of the United Nations. The report said, “The gap is expected to expand wider by 2050”. The report said, “55 countries or areas are expected to gain population decrease by 1% between the period of 2019 and 2050”.

UN report said, “China is one of the countries whose population will decrease between the period of 2019 and 2050 due to the factors of less fertility and higher emigration”. China is expected to witness the shrinkage of population by 2.2% or 31.4 million”. The forecasted population of India by 2050 is 1.5 billion while China is expected to have the total population of 1.1 billion by that time.

The reports suggested that the overall global population will be 9.7 billion by the end of year 2050. The report is based on various factors including fertility, migration and mortality trends. In 1950, the global population was mere 2.6 billion, according to the UN report. The report is developed to provide an information to the countries who are working on the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goal.

China has reversed its One Child policy due to the higher number of old aged people in the country and encouraging people to have more children. The significant results of this policy have not been acknowledged in China due to the increase in cost of living in urban areas. Apart from China and India, Nigeria will be the third most populous country by 2050, according to the report.

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