Water shortage in Chennai and how people cope with it

Water shortage in Chennai and how people cope with it

Hotels have issued a warning in Chennai for the use of water. People have been fighting for water in the queue. The situation occurred as four reservoirs has dried this week in the sixth largest city of China.

The available water in the city is also getting availability threats as people do not know how long it will last. The people of Chennai are dependent on the water tankers provided by the government for fulfilling their water requirements. People also pay huge amounts to the private water suppliers for getting water at their homes. People are compelled to wait for four days for the arrival of a water tank.

In some areas, people tried to draw some water from the wells. Unfortunately, the quality of that water is very poor and it is creating the health issues. People are storing the water at their homes as the it is becoming scarce in most Indian cities. The water problems of the city have got worse due to the delay in the monsoon season.

Smaller restaurants have been shut down due to the lack of water. The metro system of Chennai city has stopped the air-conditioning at the stations. Hotels have started minding even a single drop of water. P Chandrasekhar, a hotel supervisor, said, “All the hotels in the city are at risk of being shut down due to the hardly available water”. Rain has been reported by the weather authority on Thursday and people have shown their delight about the rain on social media.

Zoha, a radio presenter, told media, “It is the longest period of time in last ten years when the city has gone without the rain”.  People are waiting long in the queue for getting water from a government’s water tank. Punitha, mother of two children, told media, “I wait for hours after every two days for getting water from the gov’s tank”. Everyone is really embarrassed in the city and it is becoming harder for the people to get some water at least.

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