Lightfoot and Senator Cruz exchange fire over gun violence

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Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, blamed the violence on guns come from other states. She said that those states have the coward Republican representatives like Senator Cruz. Lightfoot blasted Sen Cruz over the Labor Day weekend. The exchange of fire between Chicago’s mayor and a Texas Senator was on the issues of gun control and street violence.

Ted Cruz, a Texas Senator and former presidential candidate of Republicans, tweeted after the Odessa shooting which left seven people dead and 25 wounded, “gun control does not work.” He cited Chicago in his tweet and wrote, “Disarming law-abiding citizens is not the answer.” He proposed the solution of prosecuting the criminals and ripping them off the streets.

Cruz said that the best way to reduce the murder rate was to stop the criminals before they attempt more violent crimes. Lightfoot highlighted in a tweet that the gathered data revealed that most of the guns which were used in the violent incidents in Chicago came from other states. She added that only 40% of the guns were purchased in Illinois.

Lightfoot said in a tweet that most of the guns came into Chicago from the states which are dominated by the coward Republicans like Cruz. She said to Cruz that he needed to keep their name out of his mouth. Lightfoot cited the gun control report of the Chicago Police Department released in 2017. That report revealed that 21% of the guns seized in Chicago, between 2013 to 2016, came from Indiana.

Sean Casten, US Representative of Downers Grove, said in a tweet, “The single biggest cause of gun death in Chicago is our proximity to Indiana.” Rahm Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago, frequently said that the state of Illinois did not have strict gun laws. Emanuel pointed out that the tougher gun laws in New York reduced gun violence. Lightfoot reacted to the tweet of Sen Cruz when he cited Chicago in his tweet. She blamed other states by saying that the gun violence came from there to Chicago.

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