Naperville firefighters respond to structure fire call on Jan. 13

Naperville firefighters respond to structure fire call on Jan. 13

The Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) of Naperville received a call about a structure fire in a residential building on January 13, 2020, at about 11:14 am. The building was located in the 1300 block of Royal St. George Drive. A general alarm assignment was sent by the Naperville 911 (PSAP) to the location immediately.

The general alarm assignment consisted of 24 personnel and 10 pieces of fire apparatus. The Naperville 911 advised the residents to evacuate the building as soon as possible. The firefighting personnel included an incident commander and an incident safety officer. The first unit of the firefighters arrived at the scene at 11:20 am.

The first unit reported nothing was showing and all occupants of the building were out. The initial size-up of the building revealed that there was no one inside the building. The firefighters started their investigation of the building. They found a small fire on the exterior wall of a home. The fire was extinguished by the crew within the five minutes of their arrival.

The firefighters inspected the building completely and started finding any hidden fire or areas of high heat. The suppression units started to ventilate the building. On the complete investigation of the building, the firefighters ruled in an accidental fire. A construction worker at the scene said that the heating material from their equipment started the exterior of a home on fire. The fire could not reach the interior of the building, according to the officials.

The firefighters allowed the occupants of the building to go back to their homes. The building was ruled habitable. The Naperville Police Department assisted the Naperville Fire Department during the operation. According to the Naperville Fire Department, there were no injuries reported to the civilians or firefighting personnel during the operation. The Immediate response of the 911 Naperville saved the building from a major loss.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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