Old Gately’s Peoples Store in Roseland gets Destroyed by Extra-alarm Fire

It was a devastating Friday morning for once popular Gately’s People Store located in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood. Fire department’s crew battled hard to overcome an extra-alarm fire. The fire broke in a building at 112th and Michigan at 3:30 am which escalated to three-alarm.

The roof of the building collapsed and the fire department marked it as a collapse zone. It was really hard situation for the fire crew to overcome the fire due to the collapse zone. It took few hours to completely overcome the fire. The crew torn the top half of the building for putting out the hot spots which remained, just before noon.

Once, a portion of the fired building was used by famous Gately’s People Store which got closed in 90s. Most area of the building is halted but some portions can be used for the business, according to the officials. Fire department and other related authorities are looking for the cause of an extra-alarm fire which destroyed most of the building.

Luckily, no injuries have been reported during this devastating incident. Fire department put their efforts to clear the building from fire. Fire crew used all necessary equipment to clear all of the hot spots of the building from fire. There are beauty store and clothes store inside the building. It is really unclear at the moment that how much damage they got from this fire.

It was really a nasty fire which damaged the whole building but there were no injuries reported so far due to the fire, according the Fire department. The fire broke in the early morning (3:30 am) when the shops and stores were closed. The footage of the fire shows the severity of the severity of conditions during the extra-alarm fire. The fire damaged the whole building and the roof of the building collapsed. Fire crew fought hard against the fire for several hours. Most of the building is abandon for any use.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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