State police arrested woman with illegal substances including marijuana

State police arrested woman with illegal substances including marijuana

The State police caught a lady who was illegally transporting some substances in Bloomington. They seized at least 143 pounds of marijuana and other illegal substances from her. The woman is a native of Montana who was arrested by the Illinois state police.

Illinois state police said, “The woman was traveling with illegal substances including 143 pounds of cannabis. We seized the illegal substances from her”. The name of the arrested woman is Amber Widner, 36-year-old, who faces the serious charges of controlled substance trafficking and marijuana trafficking, according to the police.

Widner was arrested from Interstate 74 near Bloomington when a cop stopped her vehicle at about 3:10 pm on Wednesday. She was stopped as she violated the traffic rules, according to the state police. The officer felt some criminal activity when he stopped her. He sniffed out the illegal drugs from her vehicle during the inspection.

State Police said, “The officer of the state police felt that there was something wrong in the car”. They also said, “The officer sniffed out 143 pounds of cannabis, 14 pounds of mushroom, and cannabis wax weighing 9 pounds from her SUV”. Police too her into their custody after finding these substances in her SUV. Widner is kept in the McLean County Jail and she will appear in the court on 21st of June. According to the police officials, her bond amount is set $75000.

These substances are extremely dangerous and their trafficking is illegal in the United States. The woman is charged with multiple drug charges including marijuana trafficking and controlled substance trafficking. Widner is in the custody of Illinois state police and she will appear in the court for bond hearing. The illegal substances have been seized by the police including 143 pounds of cannabis.

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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