The Best Medical Schools of the United States have biological science major as top under graduate major

The Best Medical Schools of the United States have biological science major as top under graduate major

US news data has shown that the top-medical schools of US have biological science majors as top under graduate major. There is a wide range of college majors for the medical students. Megan Schwehr always wanted to be a doctor. She chose biological major for attaining her goal.

Schwehr holds a degree in biochemistry with a minor in mathematics. She said, “When I reached college and spent time with my classmates then I got to know that we can choose many non-biological majors for becoming a doctor”. However, she is not the only premedical student who studied a biology related discipline for getting acceptance at the competitive medical programs.

The reality is that above 45% of the premedical students got their enrollment in the top Best Medical Schools for Primary Care and top Best Medical Schools for Research in 2018. The experts in the admission field have an opinion that the medical school are keener to take the students in who have good metrics in sciences along with some non-sciences electives.

Dr, McGreggor Crowley, an admission counselor at the IvyWise admission consulting firm, says, “The focus of the medical schools has changed over the past 15 years. Previously, they were more focused on the preparation of biomedical sciences but now they look for a balance among the biology and humanities”. The criteria of MCAT has also changed due to this shift as now it has a new subsection as psychology, Social Behavior, and Fundamental Behavior.

Yvette Perry, assistant dean for admissions and enrollment at the University of Toledo College of Medicines and Life Sciences, says, “The change in MCAT marking has changed the admission procedure”. Now, there is a more focus on the psychology and social sciences.

Students have more choices now and they are advised to choose those majors which they enjoy to study. 11.1% of the students focused on social sciences and humanities in the top 11 medical colleges for primary care.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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