Junior Joliet College announces activation of 1.3 MW onsite solar system

Junior Joliet College announces activation of 1.3 MW onsite solar system

Junior Joliet College (JJC) is the first public community college of the nation located in the south Chicago suburb. The college serves more than 27000 students per annum in its campuses and education centers. JJC announced the completion and activation of its 1.3 megawatts (MW) onsite solar system project. This project ensures the commitment of the college towards sustainability.

Pivot Energy, a national solar developer, the solar array under this project. The solar array includes 3542 solar panels. According to the college officials, the project will help JJC to save more than $1.6 million in electricity expenses over the next 25 years. The solar system is capable of generating 61,836,250 kWh of clean electricity over its life.

After the installation and activation of the solar system, JJC has become one of the greenest colleges in Illinois. The officials claim that the electricity generated by this solar system is enough to meet the power demand of 5000 Illinois homes. Dr. Sarode Pundaleeka, a retired Joliet oncologist, provided the panels to the college.

Dr. Judy Mitchell, the president of JJC, said, “JJC has consistently invested in sustainable practices since our first college campus was completed in the early 1970s.” Dr. Mitchell aimed that they would take sustainability to the next levels in the upcoming time. Liz Reddington of Pivot Energy appreciated the commitment of JJC towards sustainable practices.

Dr. Pundaleeka said that the solar system would inspire those who would visit the campus. It will also increase the interest of the students in clean energy. “It is phenomenal to see this project completed. This gives a very distinct and progressive look to the campus,” said Pundaleeka. JJC has the pride of completing more than 50 projects in the field of sustainability since 2000. Pivot Energy, a Denver-based solar energy company, is committed to accelerating the trend of clean energy.

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