US warship sailing in South China Sea

United States have said that their warship is sailing in the South China Sea. This could be a dangerous action as both countries are going trade tensions. This action could anger the Chinese more on top of the tariffs added by the U.S President on Chinese products.

The United States military have confirmed that their warship is sailing nearing the disputed Scarborough Shoal which is claimed by China in the South China Sea. This move is one of the recent things that is tensing the relationship between the two countries. These actions include the trade war, US Sanctions and Taiwan. The US destroyer Preble had carried out this operation on Sunday.

A spokesperson for the military was talking to Reuters news agency. Commander Clay Doss said that Preble was sailing about 12 nautical miles of Scarborough Reef. He said that this action is done to preserve access to the waterways which are governed by international law. Commander Clay Doss is a spokesperson for the Seventh Fleet.

Such movements were the second US military operation in the South China Sea in the last month alone. Chief of US Navy said on Wednesday that it is their freedom to do such movements and he also believe that they are drawing unnecessary attention from the world. The place where they have moved their warship is a busy hub for the Chinese, Japanese and some Southeast Asian navies.

China claims all the strategic South China Sea and have lambasted US and their allies of doing operations in the region. Countries like Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have made claims for that region. US have bombarded the Chinese by saying that they militarizing the South China Sea by building military installations in the region while China say that they are doing this for self-defense.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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