Vaping causes six deaths and 450 lung problems cases in the US

Vaping causes six deaths and 450 lung problems cases in the US

It has been reported that six people die due to the vaping and their cause of death was confirmed by the related authorities. The death cases occurred in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, and Oregon states of the US. Vaping was also involved in the 450 cases of lung problems.

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) of the US government reported that all the cases were not related to a single substance or a single device. Cannabinoid products were the cause of disease in 80% of the cases. The affected people said that they were using liquid products which included tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) works with CDC in the investigation of the cases.

FDA said that vitamin E acetate was also involved in some cases. The affected people bought their e-cigarettes off the street. The CDC has urged the people who vape to stop vaping during its investigation. It released the advice for the pregnant women and young people not to vape at all. The people who are addicted to the vaping need to use counseling and medication for leaving the habit.

The experts are not convinced about the role of e-cigarettes in stopping young people from smoking. They talk about the potential harms of e-cigarettes rather than possible benefits. Donald Trump wants a ban on e-cigarette flavors. Juul, a device which looks like a USB stick, has made a huge number of adults addicted to it. Juul and other e-cigarettes are less attractive for the people without the flavors. Trump has urged the FDA to ban the flavors.

Juul includes a higher amount of nicotine in the US as compared to the US. The US faces the regulation issue about the amount of nicotine used in Juul. FDA has issued an instruction to the manufacturers to label the potential harm on their products which contain addictive nicotine. The city of San Francisco has passed a law which will ban the vape shops from next year. The slow progress is mainly due to the risk of frustration in addicted people.

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