14th coronavirus case in US confirmed by CDC

 14th coronavirus case in US confirmed by CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 14th novel coronavirus in the US on Wednesday afternoon. The current case is reported in San Diego. It is 2nd coronavirus case confirmed by the CDC in San Diego. The patient was aboard a flight from Wuhan, China, according to the CDC. The flight arrived at MCAS Miramar last week, CDC said.

The patient has been treated by the hospital, according to UC San Diego Health. The condition of the patient is unknown at the moment. According to the CDC, it is the 14th confirmed case of coronavirus in the US. The hospital released a statement related to the current coronavirus case. It stated, “We are taking all necessary measures and precautions to minimize any potential exposures as we care for both potential and confirmed COVID-19 cases.”

UC San Diego Health said that the patients and visitors could feel confident in making and keeping their appointments. There is no risk of exposure to the UC San Diego Health hospitals. US San Diego has been treating three patients of coronavirus at the moment. Two cases have been confirmed while the third case is not confirmed yet. The third patient has been tested by the hospital and the results of the tests are pending.

UC San Diego is treating the patients in negative-pressure isolation rooms. According to the hospital, professional and trained staff is taking care of the patients diagnosed with coronavirus. They are using protective equipment during the treatment of the patients. The CDC said in a news release, “The first and second patients arrived on different planes and were housed in separate facilities.” It confirmed that there was no epidemiologic link between them.

Two flights carrying evacuees from Wuhan have arrived at Miramar so far. These two flights carried a total of 232 evacuees. The first flights arrived at Miramar on February 5. The passengers of both flights have been quarantined for 14 days in order to minimize the risks of virus exposure.

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