A man dies 5 days after struck by a vehicle on South West side

A man dies 5 days after struck by a vehicle on South West side

A man was struck by a vehicle on 10th of July while crossing the road in Chicago Lawn. He was brought to the hospital where he pronounced dead after five days on 15th of July. The medical examiner called it an accidental death.

The accident occurred on the South West side of Chicago. Agustin Alfaro, 59-year-old, was trying to cross the road when a driver hit him turning left from 65th Street onto Kedzie Avenue. Chicago police and Cook County’s medical examiner’s office released the details of the incident. “The crash occurred on 10th of July at 7:50 am”, police said.

Chicago police told the media that Alfaro was brought to the Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. Alfaro kept breathing for five days in the hospital. After 5 days, he died in the Christ Medical Center. Cook County’s medical examiner’s office said that Alfaro died on 15th of July. Chevy Malibu, a 26-year-old female driver, received the citation from the police. The citation was about hitting a man as Malibu failed to reduce the speed of the vehicle.

Police said that they issued the citation to Malibu for hitting a pedestrian on the road. The medical examiners did the autopsy of the victim and they found that he died of severe injuries due to the fatal strike by the vehicle. The autopsy also revealed that heart disease was also the contributing factor in the death of the victim. Overall, the medical examiner’s office said that the death was accidental.

The Major Accident Unit of the Chicago police was investigating the crash. Chicago police said that the driver had received the citation about the crash. She was failed to reduce the speed of the vehicle. The case is under the investigation by the Major Accident Unit of Chicago Police. Further details will be revealed as the investigation would progress.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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