CBP arrests teenager involved in drugs smuggling across US-Mexico border

CBP arrests teenager involved in drugs smuggling across US-Mexico border

A teenager, 16-year-old, was arrested by the police on the charges of smuggling drugs across the US-Mexico border with the aid of a remote-controlled car. According to the statement of the US Customs and Border Protection, the teenager allegedly attempted to smuggle methamphetamine, also known as ice, across the US-Mexico border.

The CBP officials said that the teenager allegedly used a remote-controlled car for attempting the drug smuggling. The CBP agents spotted the boy, a US citizen, carrying two large duffel bags. The boy tried to hide in thick brush along the border. The CBP agents found him with 50 bags of methamphetamine and a remote-controlled car.

The CBP agents seized the 55.84 pounds of methamphetamine. According to the officials, the street value of the seized methamphetamine is $106096. The boy has been indicted with the charges of drug smuggling. Douglas Harrison, Chief Patrol Agent of the San Diego Sector, said, “I am extremely proud of the agents’ heightened vigilance and hard work in stopping this unusual smuggling scheme.”

Another such event occurred in 2017 when a man, 25-year-old, tried to smuggle drugs across the border with the aid of a remote-controlled drone. The CBP agency said that he was carrying 13.4 pounds of methamphetamine at that time. It is the second time when the agents caught a remote-controlled smuggling attempt.

In the recent event, the teenager was hidden behind the brush along the border. He had two larger bags containing methamphetamine in them and a remote-controlled car. The CBP agents found him suspicious and they kept an eye on him. On inspection, they found 55.84 pounds of ice in the two duffel bags. The boy has been arrested by the CBP agents and he is facing the charges of drug smuggling. It was an unusual way of smuggling drugs. Harrison praised the work of the CBP agents for undoing the smuggling scheme.

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