Chicago Police arrest three girls in the viral video case

Chicago Police have arrested three teenager girls for allegedly beating a mentally disabled girl, 15-year-old, in a viral video on social media. Anthony Guglielmi, the spokesman of Chicago police, said, “Two of the three suspects are charged with aggravated battery while the third one is charged with mob action”.

The arrested girls are 13, 14, and 15 years old. Police arrested one girl who was involved in this case. The other two girls turned themselves in to police with their families. The girls are charged by the police as juveniles. In the video, a group of spectators was seen laughing at a girl who was being beaten by some teenager girls. The video went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

The victim was mentally disabled, according to the description of the video. Police had not shared any motive behind the attack on the teenager. Eddie Johnson, Superintendent of Police, said, “The young ladies wanted her to do something that she didn’t”. Johnson added, “Hate, bullying, and bigotry are the cancers of our society that do nothing but break and divide us”.

Jose Jara, a spokesperson of police, said, “The teenager was missing for five days and her family reported her missing on Tuesday.” Her father and a concerned person found her after five days. Jara added, “At this point, it seems that the girl was invited by her so-called friends who are eventually the offenders in these disgusting incidents”.

The police were not aware of the video incident initially. They started the investigation of this case by taking the victim as a missing person. Her father and family reported her missing for five days on Tuesday. Police have arrested three teenager girls who were the offenders in this incident. It seems like a case of hate, bullying, and bigotry, according to the police.

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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