Freeport High School will host “Your Future, Your Choice” career fair

Freeport High School will host “Your Future, Your Choice” career fair

A career fair, “Your Future, Your Choice”, is going to be held at Freeport Community College on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. The students will get an opportunity to explore a variety of careers through this fair. The school is going to be transformed into an academy model in Fall 2020. This career is an effort to explore various careers for the students before the implementation of the academy model.

The career fair will be held at Freeport Community College on November 26, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am. The representatives of the area employers, colleges, and military will talk to the students at 150 booths. The students will be engaged with hands-on activities for the demonstration of different jobs at public and government sectors.

The career fair will feature the representation of more than 100 careers including armed forces, healthcare, government, finance, trading, law, agriculture, and many more. It will help the students to determine which academy is best for them as the school is going to be transformed into an academy model next year.

The main purpose of an academy is to link the school work and the workplaces. They provide real-world experiences to the learners. The local businesses and professionals are involved in building small learning communities at the academies. Every academy has its own focus and the courses are designed on the base of the requirements.

The academy model of the FHS is based on connecting the students with small businesses, post-secondary institutions, and organizations. The academy will create engaging hands-on, provide relevant learning opportunities, and develop small business communities. The students will be graduated from the academy with a plan for their future. The career fair will provide an opportunity for the students to choose the right field for themselves on the base of their interests.

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