Hispanic American Construction Industry Association announces 40th anniversary celebrations

Hispanic American Construction Industry Association announces 40th anniversary celebrations

The Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) will celebrate its 40th anniversary on Oct. 15. The members of the HACIA will gather at Moe’s Cantina for celebrating the forty years of the organization in the field of construction. Manny Rodriguez, Nelson Carlo, Robert Walker, and Ruben Melesio founded the HACIA back in 1979. They wanted to make a change as they were not satisfied with the Hispanic community in the field of construction.

Carlo, one of the founding members of the HACIA, said, “HACIA started many years before it officially became an organization.” He is also the current member of the association. Carlo revealed that HACIA was the idea of Rodriguez. The association was founded to represent the Hispanic community in the construction industry, he added.

Carlo said that they had the idea in their mind three years before the official foundation of HACIA. Many other groups and communities were making their own associations at that time. The Hispanic community decided to make their own association in order to represent themselves in the construction industry. That was how HACIA came into being, according to Carlo.

In the beginning, the Hispanic workers used to gather at a bar for meeting and discussing the important aspects in the field of construction. With the passage of time, the meetings became formal. They started to arrange formal meetings at the Hillside Holiday Inn. Carlo said that they were not sure where the organization was going and they were very cautious. After several years of this procedure, they founded the organization named as HACIA. It is now the 40th anniversary of the association.

The members of the HACIA have been invited to gather at Moe’s Cantina to celebrate the 40 years of the excellent work of the organization. Oct. 5 is set to be celebrated by the community as the 40th anniversary of the HACIA. There is no registration fee for the members to attend the event while the nonmembers will pay $25 for getting registered.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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