India tightens security due to threat of Hindu-Muslim riots

India tightens security due to threat of Hindu-Muslim riots

The fear of Hindu-Muslim riots rose after the decision of the Babri Mosque case. According to the Indian media, Amarinder Singh, the chief minister of Punjab, chaired a high-level meeting over the security measures. The analysis of the security of the whole Punjab, especially Haryana, was aimed at the meeting.

Singh ordered the officers to stay high-alert and take all necessary steps for keeping peace in the region. The chief minister of Indian Punjab advised the police officers and other agencies to keep an eye on the suspects who could cause a disturbance. He ordered the officials to take strict actions against the people who might disturb the peace of Punjab.

The chief minister said that everyone should accept the decision of the Supreme Court of India. The Indian officials urged the public to keep peace and stay away from any event that could cause an emergency situation. Indian Officials told that they had already taken steps to keep things under control in Haryana after the decision of the court.

The important notifications and advice have been sent to some districts. The officials said that they had made the peace committees for the sensitive districts and areas. Amit Shah, the Union Interior Minister of India, reviewed the security situation of the whole country after the decision of the Supreme Court of India. According to the Indian media, Shah released special instructions to the chief secretaries of several provinces over the security situation.

Shah said that the administration needed to stay high-alert for tackling any unpleasant incident in the country. He also ordered the police to stay high-alert. Indian Supreme Court ordered the construction of Ram Mandir in the place of the Babri Mosque. After the decision of the court, the fear of Hindu-Muslim riots has risen in the country. Haryana is said to be the critical state in this regard, according to the Indian media. The administration has been taking measures to keep peace in the country.

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