India bans entry of people coming from 30 countries amid COVID-19 threats

India bans entry of people coming from 30 countries amid COVID-19 threats

India has taken steps to stop the spread of coronavirus. The Indian authorities have banned the entry of people coming from the European countries, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, and the United Kingdom. The people coming from these countries are not allowed to enter the Indian soil. According to the reports, 189 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Indian by the morning of March 17.

According to the Indian authorities, three people have died in India due to the coronavirus until now. The new cases of the COVID-19 have been reported in some cities and states of India this week. A rise in the COVID-19 cases has been noticed in India this week. India has already postponed the Indian Premier League. The ceremony of the IIFA Films Award has also been postponed by the Indian film industry.

Due to the increase in the coronavirus cases this week, the Indian government has stopped the entry of people to the Indian soil coming from the European countries, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Philippines, Turkey, and Afghanistan. According to The Economic Times, Indian has also banned the entry of Indians holding the nationalities of those countries.

According to the report, the ban is implemented by the Indian government until March 31. The report stated that Indian citizens would be allowed to enter the country. The restrictions will be implemented from Mar. 18. The restriction will be implemented on the citizens of the 27 European countries, according to The Economic Times.

According to the report of India Today, the Indian government has banned the landing of planes coming from Afghanistan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The report stated that the planes coming from these three countries would not be allowed to land until March 31. The first case of the coronavirus was reported in Kerala on January 30, 2020. Most cases of the coronavirus were reported in the Maharashtra state of India.

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