Intensity of protests increases in Iraq, 3 people die

Intensity of protests increases in Iraq, 3 people die

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The protests against the government have been intensified in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. According to the media reports, 3 people have been killed and several injured due to the firing of security officials. According to the report of AFP, an international news agency, the protestors have blocked major roads.

According to the report, the demonstrators demand to bring amendments to the policies. They gathered in Al Tayaran Square and chanted slogans against the government. The anti-government demonstrators emphasized on the acceptance of their demands. The report said that thousands of people gathered in Tayaran Square where security forces fired tear gas shells on them.

At least 3 people lost their lives due to the firing of the security forces. According to the hospital officials, 2 of the 3 killed people died due to the bullet shots while the third one died of tear gas fire hit his neck. The hospital officials said that at least 50 people were wounded in the violent protest. The protestors demanded the accountability of corrupt politicians.

The demonstrators demanded elections before the due date on the base of the new law. On the previous day, the demonstrators blocked the road by burning tires. They threaten the government of taking more violent steps if their demands would not be accepted. The protestors previously gave the deadline of one week to the government officials.

The youth protestors gathered in Al Tayaran Square and Tahrir Square of Baghdad one day before the completion of the deadline where they burnt the tires and blocked the roads. According to a report, 460 people have died and 25000 people have been injured since October 1, 2019, in the anti-government protests. The major demand of the protestors is elections before the due date. They also demand the accountability of corrupt politicians. They want a new prime minister who will initiate the process of accountability.

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