People will bid on the items at a live auction on August 17 in Springfield, Illinois

Illinois unclaimed property auction will be held on August 17 in Springfield. Thousands of people will be able to bid on the rare coins, jewelry, and sports items at a live auction. A baseball signed by the 1985 Cubs is also included in the bidding list at auction.

Michael Frerichs, Illinois State Treasurer, has planned to auction off hundreds of items at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The worth of the items is almost $150000. The Treasurer’s office released the details of items in a press release on Monday. There will be some of the unique items to be auctioned off in the live auction. The unique items include a five-dollar silver certificate of 1899, four Carson City Morgan dollars, and a .999 silver bar of 100-ounce.

Thomas Ferguson, the auction watcher, said, “It is hard to believe that people would just leave valuable items like this behind.” He called this auction an interesting one. The Treasurer’s Office said that they have $3 billion in money which the state got from lost paychecks, insurance proceedings, and rebates. If a rightful owner of any of these items comes forward in future with the proofs then the Treasurer’s office will give them the money for their item at which it sold in the auction.

The Treasurer’s office has changed the process of returning money to the rightful owners. Frerichs said, “We returned more than a quarter of a billion dollars to Illinois residents and businesses.” The state set a record last year in this regard.

The auction will be held on the 17th of August at 11 a.m. at Illinois State Fair. You can find the information about the items on the website of the Treasurer’s office. A baseball signed by the 1985 Chicago Cubs is the major highlight of the items to be auctioned off at Illinois State Fair.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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