President Trump approves coronavirus response bill

President Trump approves coronavirus response bill

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The coronavirus relief bill was passed by the US House of Representatives. The US Senate also voted in favor of the bill and approved it on Wednesday. According to the news sources, President Donald Trump has signed the bill on Wednesday. The bill was approved by the Senate with the vote of 90-8 in favor of the bill.

According to the bill, the residents will get the facility of free coronavirus testing, food assistance, and unemployment benefits. The bill will also provide expanded family and medical leave for some employees and protections for the health care workers. Cory Gardner and Rick Scoot, the US Senators, did not participate in the vote as they have self-quarantined them. It was a precautionary measure taken by them.

According to the news sources, Marsha Blackburn, Jim Inhofe, Ron Johnson, James Lankford, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ben Sasse, and Tim Scott voted against the bill. The bill allocates $500 million for low-income pregnant women or mothers with young children who lose their jobs or laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The allocation of the money will provide them access to food and nutrition. The COVID-19 emergency has increased the demand for food at the local food banks. The access to food at the local food banks will be provided with an allocation of $400. The US government is committed to meet the demand of the food items at the local food banks.

The bill allocated $100 million for the storage and distribution of the food items during the emergency. Low-income Americans have been mostly affected by the shortage of food. The US government will buy food to meet the demand in the current emergency with the allocated $300 million. President Trump has signed the bill and it has been officially approved. A rise in the coronavirus cases has been witnessed in the US during the past few days.

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