White House Coronavirus Task Force Warns of Dire Consequences

White House Coronavirus Task Force Warns of Dire Consequences

President Donald Trump had claimed at campaign rallies that the COVID-19 pandemic would vanish on November 4. However, the White House coronavirus task force is giving dire warnings in weekly reports related to states. The task force warned the cases are increasing exponentially as cold climate forces people indoors.

The task force said, “There is a continued increase in cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities nationally, spreading southward from the coldest climates as the population moves indoors and cases increase exponentially.” The reports said, “Demonstrate the previous impact of comprehensive mitigation efforts when implemented effectively in many areas and that partial or incomplete mitigation leads to prolonged community spread, hospitalizations, and increased fatalities.”

The maps also show “significant deterioration in the Sunbelt as mitigation efforts were decreased over the past 5 weeks.” The task force warns that the states need to act now, which largely focuses on masks. The strong recommendations come as mixed signals are sent by the White House.

The task force recommends to “Do not gather without a mask with individuals living outside of your household,” “Always wear a mask in public places,” and, “Stop gatherings beyond immediate household until cases and test positivity decrease significantly.” The task force also recommended that colleges and universities test students before they leave for the holidays.

The task force also suggested states to “(expanding) messaging across all media platforms (including automated SMS) to educate vulnerable individuals and their families about the risks of transmission from familial or smaller social gatherings and make clear recommendations to avoid all such gatherings and crowded public spaces, especially for those at increased risk of severe disease.”

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