Springfield Police Department announces partnership with Gateway Foundation

Springfield Police Department announces partnership with Gateway Foundation

The Springfield Police Department has announced its partnership with the Gateway Foundation for the implementation of the Safe Passage Initiative. The Safe Passage Initiative was developed for helping addicted people to get recover immediately. Many Springfield residents are suffering from addiction to opioids, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and several other drugs. The program was developed to provide immediate assistance to addicted people who seek help.

According to the Safe Passage Initiative, any resident who enters the police station located in Monroe, Springfield, or approaches any police officer on-duty for seeking related to their addiction will be screened under the Safe Passage program. The addicted people who would have entered the program and have the personal-use amount of drugs in their possession will not be charged.

The main aim of the Springfield Police Department and the Gateway Foundation is to help the addicted people without the fear of being arrested. You can contact the police by calling at (217) 788-8325 if you know someone struggling with the drug addiction. The contact number of the Gateway Foundation is (217) 529-9266. The Springfield Police Department shared the ineligibility criteria as well.

If someone has three or more drug addiction convictions then he will not be eligible for the program. A person having an outstanding arrest warrant against him will not be screened under the Safe Passage Initiative. If a person is dangerous for other people will not be eligible for the program. If a person is under the age of 18 and he does not have parent and guardian consent then he will be ineligible for the initiative.

The registered sex offenders are also ineligible for the Safe Passage Initiative. If a person did participate in a previous safe passage program and left it incomplete then he will not be screened in this program. The addicted people who have a medical condition that needs hospitalization will not be eligible for the program. It is a vital opportunity for eligible addicted residents to get rid of drug addiction.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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