Taliban asks for Russia’s help in talks with U.S.

Taliban asks for Russia’s help in talks with U.S.

The Taliban have called for Russia’s assistance in resuming canceled talks with the United States. According to an international news agency, the Taliban have increased talks with various countries of the region after U.S. President Donald Trump canceled the talks with them.

In the first round, Afghan Taliban delegation visited Russia after which they will contact other neighboring countries. Russian foreign minister released a statement saying that the Taliban delegation visited Moscow. They were welcomed by the Special Representative of Afghanistan, Zamir Kablov.

During this visit, Russia emphasized resuming the peace talks. A senior leader of the Taliban’s political office in Doha said that the purpose of the visit was not to resume talks with U.S. but to assess the Regional Cooperation to force U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan.

Taliban leader said that the timing of visiting crucial countries was such when an agreement was near.

After visiting Russia, the Taliban will meet leaders of China, Iran, and other central Asian states.

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