US-Afghan forces’ joint strike killed seven civilians in eastern Afghanistan

US-Afghan forces’ joint strike killed seven civilians in eastern Afghanistan

At least seven civilians have been killed in a joint airstrike by the US and Afghan forces. The unfortunate incident happened during a military operation in the Baraki Bark district of the eastern province of Afghanistan, Logar, on July 21.

Hasib Stanekzai, a member of the provincial council, said, “The airstrike targeted Taliban Militants but struck two residential houses.” Women and children died in the strike and six people got injured as well. Didar Lawang, a spokesman of the provincial governor, said that the strike resulted into the civilian casualties. He did not give more details about the incident.

Lawang assured that the investigation of the deadly incident is ongoing by the relevant authorities. The forces of the United States of America, operating in Afghanistan, declined to comment on the incident. The Afghan forces and Taliban forces are looking for the increase in the leverage in ongoing g peace talks. It has increased the intensity of the Afghan war. The negotiators of the United States and Taliban have been seated into eight rounds of peace talks since last year.

Progress has been reported by both sides but there has been no agreement signed by both sides. These attacks are quite dangerous as far as the peace talks are concerned. The best way to end the Afghan War is to talk on the table. The civilian causalities in military operations are the violation of human rights.

The intention of the US and Afghan forces joint operation was to target the Afghan Taliban. But the airstrike ended up hitting two residential houses in which seven people, including children and women, got killed. Six people also got injured in the strike. The US forces operating in Afghanistan declined to share details of the deadly incident.

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