Trump administration announced to set significant sanctions on Iran

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The tensions of the war have ended as Trump called off the airstrikes but the tensions are still president somewhere else. US announced to implement new significant sanctions on Iran due to the current behavior of Iran. Iran, on the other hand, said that it would shoot down another drone if necessary.

US looked keen to attack on some locations in Iran last week but Trump called off the strikes just minutes to spare. Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, Navy Commander of Iran, said, “The whole world saw the downing of US drone and I want to assure that we can do it again. Our enemy also knows this fact.” Brain Hook, US special representative for Iran, said, “We are going to introduce a new initiative in terms of maritime security”.

US also accused Iran over the attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman but Iran denied these accusations. Hook added, “The right time to discuss the idea of taking new initiative for maritime security is the next G-20 summit”. The US officials said that they are ready to reenter the negotiations with Iran. Irani advisor to the president said, “We will not enter the negotiations with sanctions on us”.

Trump always hated the deal of Barrack Obama with Iran in 2015 over the nuclear program of Iran. Hesameddin Ashena, an advisor to Iran’s president, said, “The threats and sanctions are continued by US and we cannot accept negotiation offer by US under these circumstances”. US also tried to hack the computer network of Iran recently, US officials told the media.

Iran said, “The US cyber-attack on our computer network is an unsuccessful effort as we are ready for everything”. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, ICT minister of Iran, said, “US tried hard to attack us but the attack remained unsuccessful”. Mark Pompeo said, “We will keep the pressure on Iran for the safety of our own people and our own interests”.

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