3 of the most remote islands in the world

 3 of the most remote islands in the world

Even though people claim they love to travel, most of them rarely travel anywhere far, especially if it takes them more than 20 hours to get to the destination point. So even now, in the 21st century, there are many places where few people tread. Apart from obviously unfriendly places, such as Arctic ice floes, mountain tops, or distant places in the middle of deserts, there are also quite nice and beautiful territories that remain “empty” simply due to their location in the middle of the seas and oceans. They are often forgotten by the rest of the world. So what is there, on these faraway islands that barely any ever seen?

Novaya Zemlya

Novaya Zemlya (or sometimes, Novaia Zemlia) is an archipelago that separates Barents from Kara seas along Russia’s northwestern coast. The name is translated “New Land,” and it is basically two large islands, Severny and Yuzhny (northern and southern) separated by a narrow strait from each other. It is located not that far from the mainland, but it is surrounded with cold Arctic waters from the North and huge uninhabited lands of Siberia from the other.

Despite its severe climate when even in the hottest month the temperature barely goes higher than 45F, there is a settlement named Belushya Guba with about 2,000 residents. This is also the place where you can relatively easily meet a polar bear. They say, now they enter human-inhabited areas much more frequently that before, and last year, bears even entered local public buildings and homes.

 3 of the most remote islands in the world

Tristan da Cunha

It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world. Literally, laying in the middle of nowhere. To reach the closest coast, you will have to travel aboard through 1,343 miles to Saint Helena, another remote island, or 1,511 miles to the coastline of South Africa. There is, unfortunately, no airway connection with the mainland, so the only option to get to Tristan da Cunha is by boat after a six-day trip from Cape Town.

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Tristan da Cunha is a group of seven islands, and only one of them has a settlement with a very poetic name – Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. In January 2020, there were registered only 266 people, so the locals call their settlement simply “the village.” The main island is mainly mountainous, and the only flat area is occupied by Edinburgh of the Seven Seas. The archipelago is a perfect place for exploring the wildlife, including penguins, albatrosses, and seals. In the sea close the islands, you can meet whales and dolphins.

 3 of the most remote islands in the world

Pitcairn Island

There are only about 50 residents, Bounty mutineers and Tahitian captives, living on the islands, so Pitcairn is officially called the least populous national jurisdiction in the world. The archipelago of four islands is situated in the southern Pacific Ocean. There are year-round pleasant temperatures with somewhat drier winters and wetter summers.  Here, you can pick up from the trees all kinds of fruit like bananas, papaya, coconuts, mangoes, citrus, passionfruit, and others.

 3 of the most remote islands in the world

The closest islands beyond the archipelago are more than 62 miles away and are anyway not inhabited. So, to reach the point, you really need to be ingenious and combine several kinds of transportation.

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