Man stuck in his bathroom for more than 7 hours and the authorities had to rescue him

There was a very unusual situation where a man had to be rescued as he was stuck in his bathroom for more than 7 hours. You heard it correct,  he was stuck in his bathroom and police and the fire department had to come and rescue him from the bathroom.

The Park Forest Police Department have said that a person was trapped in the bathroom of his home as the locking mechanism of the door had malfunctioned.

Due to the malfunction, he was trapped in his own home bathroom for more than 7 hours.

The Park Forest Police Department have shared details that the person had gone go to the bathroom around 11 p.m. Monday and couldn’t able to leave it as the locking mechanism of that door had failed to open.

There was a window and the person couldn’t able to crawl out of it as the opening was too small.

He started shouting for help but no one could hear his helping cries.

He was there until about 6 a.m. where a neighbor could finally hear his voice. The neighbor quickly called 911 and the authorities arrived to help him out.

The authorities faced another problem that they couldn’t get inside his house as the door was locked. The landlord couldn’t also come to help him out as he was out of state.

The fire department was called on the scene to help them out.

The police initially gave the person some tools to help him escape but he couldn’t so the police decided to call the fire department.

The fire department helped him give the tools and instructions as the person was able to unhook the hinges and the door was removed by himself.

The police said that the person was okay and there was also no damage to the property during this mission.

The rescue mission took about 45 minutes to help the man get out of his own bathroom.

The police said that it was one of the most unusual events that they have ever seen.


Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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