Architects tell Trump to butt out over proposed executive order

Architects tell Trump to butt out over proposed executive order

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The American Institute of Architects sent a letter directly to Donald J. Trump. The architects are telling Trump to butt out over a proposed executive order. According to the proposed executive order, the new federal buildings will be constructed in a classical Greek or Roman design. The AIA stated in the letter, “Trump’s order will officially designate ‘classical’ architecture as the preferred style for all US federal courthouses.”

The AIA members met with a Trump aide in January. The aide confirmed that the executive order was dead. The letter stated, “We were shocked and disappointed to hear that it is still in circulation.” The AIA officials wrote in the letter, “The preferred design (Greek or Roman) will increase the cost of the projects and it will add the burden on the US taxpayers.”

The AIA also released a memo and called its 95000 to take action. The AIA said that design decisions were needed to be taken by the designers and the community. According to the AIA officials, the bureaucrats sitting in Washington do not have any right to make decisions about the designs of the buildings. According to Chicago Sun-Times, Trump’s draft order is named “Making Federal Buildings Great Again”.

According to the proposed executive order, “classical architecture style shall be the preferred and default style.” The AIA’s President, Jane Frederick, and the AIA’s CEO, Robert Ivy, signed the letter sent to Trump. They wrote in the letter that the community had the right to decide the designs for themselves.

The letter stated, “This approach will cut local voices out of a critical part of the design process.” The experts said that the issue was related to the economy and culture. The letter concluded, “President Trump, this draft order is antithetical to giving the ‘people’ a voice.” The AIA leaders said that the order would set an extremely harmful precedent.

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