Conference on Servant Leadership hosted by Office of Student Activities of JJC

Conference on Servant Leadership hosted by Office of Student Activities of JJC

The Illinois Community College Student Activities Association (ICCSAA) Fall Conference was hosted by the Office of the Student Activities of the Junior Joliet College on October 18-19. The theme of the conference was ‘Servant Leadership’. The attendees participated in several community projects related to the theme.

The breakout sessions were attended by more than 200 students and advisors of 19 schools. They also attended the award ceremonies at the Main Campus of the JJC and Rock Run Convention Center. Will Vanderhoff, the student representative of JJC, said, “There are always people in need, even if we do not see them or do not know.” Vanderhoff added that people in our surroundings were always in need.

Vanderhoff worked in the Joliet Hope Center where he used to package foods and prepare them for shelving. The students organized the food pantry at the Salvation Army. The students created bereavement boxes at Joliet Area Community Hospice. According to the conference organizers, the participants stained and refinished picnic tables at Trinity Services.

Luis Rodriguez, a student representative, said, “I think the conference was very empowering and it made a good impact in my life.” The conference was informative and students knew the true meaning and real aspects related to servant leadership. Rodriguez added, “servant leadership should not be leading from a higher position.” The students agreed with the fact that people should be served in the best way they can be.

The ICCSAA awarded the Ed Snyder Merit Book Award 2018-19 to the OSA. The OSA has a great track record in terms of winning this award as it was the 11th consecutive year when it was awarded for its Merit Book. The Merit Book is a document that presents the services and activities provided every year. The winner is decided on the base of several factors including the student leadership training and relations with other organizations.

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