During Trip to Washington D.C. Lightfoot will meet with Ivanka Trump

During Trip to Washington D.C. Lightfoot will meet with Ivanka Trump

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Lori Lightfoot is the first black lady to guide Chicago and she had lately graduated from law school when the 1991 acceptance hearings had been taken place. She is now Chicago Mayor-elect.

On this Tuesday, Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot is in Washington D.C. She has programmed to meet with Ivanka Trump who is daughter and advisor of the president Donald Trump.

According to the news coming from the white house, Lightfoot is not going to meet, President of the United States, Donald Trump. Apart from that this visit still signifies an imperative mark for Lightfoot who is newly-elected Chicago official.

White House and Chicago have a solid relationship. Although President Donald Trump has many issues regarding the city’s violence and its state as a refugee city. He used to criticize Chicago on these issues.

President Trump is also criticized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel who was 55th Mayor of Chicago.

Newly-elected Chicago official Lightfoot said that after her victory both President Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump called her and gave her congratulations on her success.

Lightfoot said that she thinks Trump has a good concern in attempting to be helpful to the city. “No doubt, our politics could not be more diverse and I’m not going to wait to communicate against things that I think are dangerous or damaging to people here in the city who really have been hurt by a lot of the discourse”, she added.

It is not clear how the meeting between Lightfoot and Ivanka Trump will take place and what will require and entail. Lightfoot is a very determined woman. She said that she has a concrete strategy about administration proximity in Washington D.C.

The more she said that it is very imperative that we are on the chart in Washington that we have good relationships with our delegates and of course with our senators. Being corporally present and having people know who I am and begin to make those relationships, I know few people in the committee for sure. “But it is necessary that they know me and that I begin to have a physical presence in Washington, D.C. as well as in Springfield”, she said.

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