JJC Automation Program receives two trucks from Navistar

JJC Automation Program receives two trucks from Navistar

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Joliet Junior College runs an automotive service technology program. Navistar, a famous manufacturer of commercial vehicles, donated two trucks, 2014 International WorkStar, to the JJC automation program. The trucks will help the students to learn the practical features of the vehicles.

Navistar is a vehicle manufacturing company based in Lisle. The trucks which are donated by the company will be used in the practical studies of diesel elective courses of the JJC. The students will get experience in the areas of brakes, maintenance, electrical, performance of the engine. Curt Ward teaches automotive service technology at the JJC. He said, “We are thrilled to receive this donation and appreciate the support of Navistar. He added that these trucks would provide aid in their automotive service program.

The students seek practical experience in such programs. Such donations are required to make such program successful and provide the students with hands-on type experiences. The JJC automation program relies on donations. The state-of-art facility of the college include the array of vehicles and modern equipment. The students use them during their studies at the JJC.

The community members, manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers donate necessary equipment and vehicles to the college. Kristin Sattayatam, Navistar’s director of community relations, said, “Supporting STEM education is an important goal for Navistar.” He added that the manufacturers need to help the students in their practical studies. The donation will help to achieve the goal of attaining high-class technicians in the field of diesel automotive.

Ward thanked the college, industry partners, and community for showing their support to the program. He said that the program would be unable to provide the hands-on experience to the students without the donations and support from the community members, manufacturers, and suppliers. The donation will surely aid to make high-class technicians.

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