Lori Lightfoot brands spitting on Eric Trump as ‘Repugnant’

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Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot has branded the spitting on Eric Trump by a waitress as ‘Repugnant’. She shared these words on Thursday. She said that it was gracious of Eric Trump of not pressing charges against anyone. She said that she had spoken to Eric Trump about the incident to check upon him.

The incident had taken place as Eric was having dinner on Tuesday night at the Aviary, which is a swanky cocktail lounge in Fulton Market. She had used this disturbing incident to expose the political divide created by the Trump presidency. She had denounced this event in strong words.

She said that no one deserves this kind of treatment. She said, “Civility matters. We may not agree. And in my case I don’t agree with a lot of things that President Trump stands for. Our values are different. But you cross the line when you assault someone. You absolutely cross the line when you intentionally target someone for that kind of treatment. No one deserves that. No one.”

She said that this is America, a place where everyone has the right to express their views but such incidents cross the line. She said that, “we cannot countenance people who go out of their way to express themselves in such a repugnant fashion.” Aviary, the lounge in which the spitting incident took place, have released a statement in which they said that no customer deserves to be spit upon.

They have also placed the waitress on leave but the Mayor says that the punishment should be severe than that. The waitress was held for about two hours in custody but was released after Eric Trump decided not to press the charges. Lightfoot has termed this act as gracious. She says that the spitting is not about politics, it is about civility. Eric Trump has termed that the waitress is suffering from serious emotional issues.

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