Lori Lightfoot suggests the opening of libraries on Sundays

Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has proposed the opening of public libraries in Chicago on Sundays as well by the end of 2019. Lightfoot also kicked off the annual slate of the Chicago Public Library. The annual slate of the Chicago Public Library includes the summer program for the kids.

The program aims to provide something for the students during the off days in schools for helping them not to fall behind between the school years. Lightfoot announced the proposal during the inauguration of this program organized by Chicago Public Library. Only four Chicago public libraries have a schedule for the Sundays although there are 77 branches in the city.

Lightfoot has not shared any details of the costs of added hours on Sundays in all 77 branches of Chicago Public Library. She has not told who would pay for these hours. Amy Eshlemal, wife of Lori Lightfoot, is a former official of the Chicago Public Library. Rahm Emanuel, former mayor of Chicago, ordered in 2012 that the libraries of Chicago would remain close on Monday hours. This order was due to the labor unrest in 2012 budget. However, he restored the Monday hours later in fall 2012.

Lori Lightfoot has now proposed to open the libraries of Chicago on Sundays by the end of this year. The labor unrest is still a question here which she might answer in the future. She made this announcement in the kicking off ceremony of Chicago Public Library’s annual slate. She has not given much details about the labor costs of the extra hours.

Four branches of the Chicago Public Library remain open on Sunday hours currently. Lightfoot announced that all of the 77 branches of the Chicago Public Library would remain open on Sundays by the end of 2019. She has not shared the details of who will pay for the Sunday hours opening of all 77 branches of the Chicago Public Library in Chicago.

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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