Palestinian dies of Israeli police’s firing

Palestinian dies of Israeli police’s firing

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A Palestinian died due to the firing of Israeli police in western Jerusalem. According to the report of The Guardian, the spokesperson of Israeli police said that the police found a Palestinian youngster suspicious during patrolling. Micky Rosenfeld, the spokesperson of Police, said, “The police officers on patrol suspected that the man had a gun.”

The police officers started chasing the suspected Palestinian. They eventually opened fire at him and shot him dead. Rosenfeld told the media that the deceased Palestinian was from Eastern Jerusalem. Police did not share the details about whether the man was armed or unarmed. According to Channel 13 News, an Israeli news channel, the killed Palestinian was unarmed.

The Palestinian officials have not released any statement related to this incident. Israeli police and forces often kill Palestinians on the charges of knife attacks. In March, a 32-year-old Palestinian was killed due to the firing of Israeli forces on the western border of Palestine. Another Palestinian was brutally injured in that incident. Israeli forces alleged that a rocket attack was launched to hit an Israeli vehicle on the western border. Some people allegedly started firing after the rocket attack. The Israeli forces responded to the firing and rocket attack. They claimed that the killed person was involved in the firing.

The firing incidents of Israel against Palestine increased after the weekly protests of Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza. However, the demonstrators decided to cancel their protests last year. At least 348 Palestinians lost their lives during these protests. The demand of the protesters was the removal of hurdles on the borders of Gaza placed by Israel.

The protesters said that it was their right to move to their homes located in Israeli territory. Similarly, Israel killed a person and wounded two others in a firing incident that happened on Feb 23. The tensions between Israel and Palestine are ongoing.

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