Recruit of Chicago Police saves a man from death in a road accident

Timothy Sweeney, recruit of Chicago Police, jumped into action to save the life of a person who was hit by a minivan. Sweeney was going to buy blueberry pie for his grandmother when he saw that incident. He used his medical and rescue training for saving the life of the person.

Sweeney said, “It was an incident of being at the right place at the right time”. He added that he was going to visit his grandmother on Sunday with his wife. His wife intended to buy coffee and they went left instead of right at the Chicago-Ashland intersection. He said, “I parked my car and went out to buy the pie for grandmother and I saw a man lying on the road after being hit by a vehicle”.

Sweeney added, “I secured the head and spine of the man. The leg of the person was bleeding and I thought he was suffering from severe artery. I asked for a belt from the people standing around and one gentleman gave me the belt. I did not have a tourniquet with me at that time so I used belt for holding him tight”. Two police officers came at the scene and they gave tourniquet to Sweeney and he replaced it with the belt.

He said, “I told a man to keep him calm until the arrival of medical staff. He was really worried about his cell phone at that time. I also tried to make his mind off from the injury that he had”. The paramedic team arrived at the scene and took him to the nearest hospital. Sweeney is the new pass-out trainee of the LEMART program from where he learnt the first aid skills.

Sweeney said, “After that, we bought the pie and went to the home of grandma”. Kevin Johnson, Deputy Chief of CPD Education and Training Division, said, “Our job is to save lives along with the enforcement of law”. He added, “We give training to help the people at any time and at any place”. It is really a proud moment for Sweeney and his wife.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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