Spain’s General Elections

Spain’s General Elections

There were weeks of headlines regarding the far-right victory but did the centre-left made a resounding victory?

Did the people of Spain changed their minds and went with the centre-left?

The Socialist party members of Spain would have woken up with a big smile on their faces but their smile doesn’t mean a landslide victory for them.

The party did improve from the last elections. They have managed to take control of Spain’s upper house of parliament but they don’t have the majority to govern.

The EU and the financial world will like to see the Socialists pair up with the centre-right party which they describe themselves as Liberal.

The EU might like that partnership but the partnership of Socialist party and Podemos is going to be more likely.

They can add support from Basque and the Catalan parties.

Most Spaniards will not like that partnership as they are still heating from Catalonia’s defiant declaration of Independence.

The nationalist Vox Party got so many votes is due to the push of the Catalan independence and the failure of politicians to soothe the situation.

They made a promise to ‘make Spain great again’ a slogan that is familiar to the world. They have a tough stance on Islam, crime and immigration.

This party echoes with France’s Le Pen and Italy’s Salvini.

Spain is a country that is deeply divided between right and left school of thoughts.

This came after the civil war in the 1930s.

Many sections of Spanish society were sickened to see a far-right party in power for the first time since the death of fascist military dictator Francisco Franco.

The Vox party had secured about 24 parliamentary seats which the polls had predicted but Vox had not. They were promising a political earthquake.

Spain will now have municipal, regional and European elections in a month’s after these electorate.

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