Foreign military forces should stay out of gulf countries, Iranian President says

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Hassan Rouhani, the president of Iran, said that the presence of foreign military forces in the Gulf countries could cause instability and problems in the region. If the foreign military forces are fair enough with the region then they should refrain from making the region a hub of the arms race, he added. Rouhani said, “There will be peace in our region if these forces stay away from us”.

Rouhani talked to the media during the annual military parade in Tehran and said that the presence of foreign military forces in the Gulf countries would create issues and instability in the region. Iranian president warned and said that Iran would present a plan of regional cooperation in the United Nations for the sake of peace.

The United States of America released news about the deployment of more military troops in the Gulf countries. Rouhani said in that context, “If foreign military forces are honest then they should refrain of making the region a hub of the arms race.” The presence of the foreign military forces in the region has always been a source of grief and pain.

Rouhani said that the peace of the region was dependent on the stay of those forces away from their region. The attacks on the Saudi oil processing fields on Sep. 14 boosted the tensions between the US and Iran. The US officials and Donald Trump accused Iran of carrying out the attacks on Saudi Arabia. Iran denied the allegations imposed by the US.

Tehran said that they would retaliate if the US would carry out any military action against them. The US has not released any solid proof of the Iranian involvement in the attacks. Rouhani warned the foreign forces to stay away from their region for the development of peace in the Gulf region. The presence of foreign forces in the region always created grief, according to him.

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