Trump hits out at Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

Donald Trump lashes out at Boris Johnson for his Brexit deal with the EU. Trump says that the deal restricts US to do future trading with UK. Trump was speaking to LBC as he said that the countries could “do many times the numbers” than now without the deal. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was also under attack from Trump as he said he would be “so bad” as prime minister.

Corbyn responded by saying that he is trying to interfere in UK general election and trying to help his friend Boris Johnson in the polls. The people of UK will be electing their new PM as they will go to polls on 12 December after the early election bill became law when it was given royal assent on Thursday. Due to the elections, the Brexit is extended further to 31 January 2020.

In August, Trump had promised a “very big trade deal” with the UK. He also gave the prediction of leaving the EU would be like losing “an anchor round the ankle”. He, however, had a different stance while talking to friend and supporter Nigel Farage on LBC. He was critical of Johnson’s withdrawal agreement with the EU leaders.

Trump said “We want to do trade with UK and they want to do trade with us.’’ “To be honest with you… this deal… under certain aspects of the (Brexit) deal… you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t trade.” “We can’t make a trade deal with the UK because I think we can do many times the numbers that we’re doing right now and certainly much bigger numbers than you are doing under the European Union.”

Diplomatic norms dictate that leaders shouldn’t and won’t interfere with electoral events of other countries but this isn’t the first time a U.S. president has crossed that line. During the 2016 referendum, Barack Obama said that Brexit would put the UK at the “back of the queue” for trade deals.

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