Trump’s Investigation not objected by the Hill’s leaders when they were informed, says McCabe

Trump’s Investigation not objected by the Hill’s leaders when they were informed, says McCabe

McCabe made a statement on Tuesday that the Congress leadership did not showed any objection when he informed them about the opening of counter-intelligence investigation into Donald Trump by the FBI. He added, “I told Congress what he had done”, on an NBC show “Today” on television. “No one objected on any ground whether it is legal or constitutional ground and it is an important part here”, he said.

He explained in his new book about the investigation and steps taken by the FBI in opening the investigation against Trump. He informed the top lawmakers of the country known as “gang of 8” as well. The information was about the case file opened against the four people connected to the Trump’s campaign. He took this discussion in the show by telling the US that Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority leader, Paul Ryan, Former House Speaker, and David Nunes, Former House Intelligence Chairman, were aware of the investigation opened for Trump.

Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General, fired McCabe just two days before his retirement and he had been mocked by the Trump himself in his speeches. Trump fired the former FBI Director James Comey as well. McCabe responded to his firing that his firing is a part of a greater effort to discredit the FBI. He said that investigators’ concerns about Trump started before the firing of Comey. The main concern was whether or not Trump posed a threat to the national security. McCabe added that we were building this before the firing of Jim. He also said that Trump disclosed important information in his meeting with the Russian Officials.

McCabe did not elaborate the evaluations of other FBI officials. He said in his interview that the cases against the Trump is still not disclosed as he did not have a reason to say that the cases are disclosed. There is no doubt, according to McCabe, that the Trump was under investigation by the FBI in the sense of national security.

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