Two US Soldiers Killed while Serving in Afghanistan

Two US Soldiers Killed while Serving in Afghanistan

NATO gave a statement about the killing of two US soldiers during their service in Afghanistan. The names of the soldiers are not released by the spokesman of NATO as they will be confirmed after the notification of the death to the families of the soldiers. The number of service members of the United States killed in Afghanistan reached four this year.

The talks between the Afghan Taliban and US for the negotiations are underway for the end of 17-year-old war in Afghanistan. US covey has also met with the Taliban Leaders including co-founder of this militant group in February. Negotiations have been made but the country is still quite dangerous. 3804 civilians killed last year by the attacks of Taliban in Afghanistan which shows how much dangerous this country is. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has faced three explosions last week in which six people killed. The attacks were made on the gatherings of the Persian New Year Celebrations. The Islamic States group claimed the responsibility for the explosive attacks in Kabul.

NATO troops are still present in Afghanistan in a huge number for helping the government to cope with the Taliban group. Donald Trump has said that the United States will withdraw half od the troops serving in Afghanistan. He is keen to end the war in this region of the world. NATO has confirmed the deaths of the two soldiers in Afghanistan who were the serving members of the United States. The danger in Afghanistan is not ended yet. The negotiations have been made with Taliban by the United States with the aid of Pakistan. The end of the war is important for the peace of the region and Donald Trump is quite keen in this regard.

NATO troops, thousands in number, are still present in Afghanistan for the aid of the established government to deal with the militancy of the Taliban. More than half of the US troops will withdraw from Kabul according to the US officials.

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