UK Prime Minister meets with French President

UK Prime Minister meets with French President

Theresa May is meeting with Emmanuel Macron to discuss about Brexit-delay as UK has to leave EU in the next three days.

Theresa May has made a request to delay the Brexit until 30 June and she is expecting that Emmanuel Macron will support her.

May has also met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

Ms. Merkel supported May and said that the Brexit could be delayed.

Theresa May is meeting with the heads of the states as there is a summit on Wednesday in which the EU states will vote on the extension possibility.

There is optimism in UK Parliament that there will be good news for them.

A draft was ciculated in the EU Diplomats which proposed an extension of Brexit but there was no date on it.

European Council President Donald Tusk says that there is little hope that the withdrawal deal could be completed by the end of June.

He sent a letter to the EU leaders saying that the members should discuss in the summit a flexible deal and the delay should not be longer than one-year.

For the current time, the UK is scheduled to leave the EU at 23:00 BST on Friday.

Angela Merkel said that they agree with UK that they should leave in an orderly manner.

After the meeting of EU’s General Affairs Council in Luxembourg, diplomats say that more people are in the favor of a longer extension.

The MPs of UK Parliament has rejected Theresa May’s deal. The most reservations are about the Irish backstop.

EU is adamant that they will not re-open the deal agreements but Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom pleas for them to change their minds.

The people of UK are really worried about what is going to happen with so much uncertainty. The main topic is the immigration policy.

Do you think that UK will get the extension from the EU? Will Theresa May come up with a deal that the MPs will agree on?

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