Facebook announces to pay half a million pound fine

Facebook announces to pay half a million pound fine

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Facebook has announced to pay the £500,000 fine imposed by the UK. The British Information Regulatory announced that Facebook had agreed to pay Cambridge Analytica fine it had imposed. Facebook’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg faced the questions from members of the US and Europe Assembly.

During answering those questions, he told that about 8.7 million people’s data and information were used for investigating political purposes. The statement issued by the Information Commissioner says that Cambridge had found out that Facebook had used more than one million British people’s data for political purposes.

The commissioner said that in our appeal, Facebook admitted this and decided to pay the £500,000 fine. Information Commissioner James Deifle said that the use of British citizens ‘personal information is no less than a great risk. The protection and privacy of a user is their fundamental right.

Deifle said that they are happy to hear that Facebook has decided to take steps to protect consumers’ basic rights and data and that the company will ensure customer safety in the future. On the other hand, Facebook has confirmed to pay the fine and termed it as a ‘settlement’. Facebook said in a statement that “We welcome Cambridge Analytica’s research in 2015 and hope that errors will be identified in the future.”

Facebook has confirmed that they have taken big steps to protect consumer data and will continue to implement strict measures so that no one can access user information. Facebook says that it is their priority to safeguard user data which is why they are developing new controls to help users and prevent their data from being misused.

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