$21 million to be paid to the family of a victim of a police chase

 million to be paid to the family of a victim of a police chase

A family will be paid $21 million after the judgement of a jury involving a police case.

Maria Carrion-Adame was killed during a police chase and the jury has decided in favor of the family.

Maria Carrion-Adame was thirty-seven years old and mother of five children.

Her car was hit by a minivan and she had died. The accident had taken place on December 12, 2015.

Her family blamed the police for Maria’s death and took them to court to acquire justice from them.

Her family had lodged a lawsuit against the Chicago Police. They had stated that the police showed indifference and disregarded the safety of the people in their chase.

The attorney of the family is Antonio Romanucci. Antonio said that the officers involved in the case are the reason for Maria’s death.

He said that the police officers who were in the chase in an unmarked car with no sirens on top. They also refrained from stopping when the sergeant told them to stop.

The police officers were chasing Trevante Reed. He was 16-years at the time when he was driving the allegedly stolen vehicle.

The lawsuit filed by the family of Maria Carrion-Adame was named against the city of Chicago, three police officers and Trevante Reed.

Trevante Reed was charged with reckless homicide.

A report by NBC Chicago reveals that in the past ten years, 141 pursuit related crashes happened in the Chicago area. In those 141 pursuits, 108 people died and there were about 216 injuries.

Another thing they revealed that most of the causalities happened to the police officers or innocent bystanders.

In this case, Maria was the innocent bystander.

The Chicago law department spokesperson Bill McCaffrey has shared his thoughts on the verdict against the City and said that the officials were disappointed by the judgment.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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