A cellphone robber sexually assaults a woman

A cellphone robber sexually assaults a woman

A man snatched a cellphone from the hand of a woman near Dearborn and Washington on Tuesday. The woman got off from the Red Line train near State and Lake. A cellphone robber approached her and snatched her phone from her hand, according to the Chicago police.

Police said that a 27-year-old woman became the victim of sexual assault by an unknown robber who snatched her phone. The woman chased the robber in the streets and reached a quiet area down to the Riverwalk. She eventually caught up the offender in the parking garage of the Millennium Park near Michigan and Randolph. The offender grabbed her and forced her into a stairwell of the park. The woman was sexually assaulted by the offender in the secluded parking garage of the Millennium Park.

The offender ran off again after sexually assaulting the lady, according to the police. The woman was immediately taken to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in a stable condition. Police have not taken anyone into their custody so far. The Area Central detectives are investigating the case and the investigation is underway.

Police have also warned the people of Chicago to be aware while talking on the cellphones. The hospital officials said that the woman was taken to the hospital in a stable condition. It is a dual-offense case in which a robber snatched a cellphone from a lady and then made her sexually assaulted. The incident happened at around 4 am on Tuesday. Chicagoans are advised by the police to stay alert while talking on the cellphones on public places.

Police said that they have not taken anyone into the custody related to this case but the investigations are ongoing. The Area Central detectives have started their job to find out the offender behind the dual-crime. The condition of the lady is quite stable, according to the Chicago Police. Police will share further details as the investigations progress.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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